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If you want a case that personalises your iPhone and expresses your style, you'll find just what you're looking for on the case&me store. You can find covers with removable neck phone holders with soft, smooth finishes and unique patterns. Bond covers, for example, have a multi-purpose function: you can use them as simple covers or as cases with a neck phone holder. The Lady Cases are lanyard-style wrist mobile phone cases with a fantastic design. The case also protects the camera. The cases with a chain lanyard or beads are for those who love selfies and want a case that has style. The ultimate in personalisation comes in the form of the beautiful Amelie cases, which are colourful cases with an integrated loop for attaching charms or case&me neck phone holders. If you're looking for a case that fully protects your iPhone 13, you'll love the cases with full or partial camera protection. These cases also feature the iconic Peanuts-themed design: hard, colourful cases with Snoopy and his friends to brighten up your day. There are also iPhone 13 covers compatible with iPhone 14.

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