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Daily Mood. Real feelings

Every day, we experience so many emotions.
This collection expresses all the most human elements of reality: joy and serenity, but also anger... Like little Sally, who is always looking for answers to her existential doubts.
Handbag with lanyard and zip

Handbag with lanyard and zip


Space Traveller. A journey to your dreams

Snoopy is a tireless dreamer who, with his vivid imagination, succeeds in making his life extraordinary. This collection celebrates the freedom to dream and be who you really want to be.
Join Peanuts™ on the journey to your dreams!

Better Together. A unique bond

Being together is the most important thing - and Peanuts™ know this well.
We want to celebrate the importance of friendship through a collection that takes care of accessories, just like Snoopy looks after his friends.

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