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Handbag with lanyard and zip

Handbag with lanyard and zip


Space Traveller. A journey to your dreams

Snoopy is a tireless dreamer who, with his vivid imagination, succeeds in making his life extraordinary. This collection celebrates the freedom to dream and be who you really want to be.
Join Peanuts™ on the journey to your dreams!

Daily Mood. Real feelings

Every day, we experience so many emotions.
This collection expresses all the most human elements of reality: joy and serenity, but also anger... Like little Sally, who is always looking for answers to her existential doubts.

Better Together. A unique bond

Being together is the most important thing - and Peanuts™ know this well.
We want to celebrate the importance of friendship through a collection that takes care of accessories, just like Snoopy looks after his friends.

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